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Are you on the verge....

of piss-pantsing yourself?

Alisha and Jasmine
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We are us, and you are not....lucky!
anti-prune, atmosphere, bar-not-boxed, bbq sandwich, bemidji, caramello, chasing loons, cheap dates, cheap jewelry, cheese cake, chocolate, christinas house, crazed muffins, crazy bus, crazy eights, deadly oven mitt, decapitated legs, dee's bears, dismissed, dreads, flowers and candy, fork cards, french silk pie, hair dye, heart ons, hoo ha, koms, lamers, lincoln school, milk cartons, mindless self indulgence, movie theaters, nick aaberg, piaffes, pictures, places that are warm, rollercostering..naked, sea-dooing, skateboarding, skinny dipping, sofa kingdom, st. patricks day, tadbury eggs, tadzilla, tenacious d, the joy, things that are green, trading baseball cards, treasure city, trips to florida, un-make up, valley fair, walmart deli, water works, windsurfing, wonka bars, yesterdays follie